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told and fbi investigators out here on the scene. they're not letting us again near the home which is where the white truck is parked. we want to go to sky 7, overhead right now this, is the same house where police discovered the 73-year-old dead nearly two weeks ago. they've been searching for his son ever since. authorities not releasing identity of the person found in the home here today or the cause of death. all they're saying is that the body discovered here was discovered when authorities came back to the home today to look for evidence again. so we want to take a look at the people that have been involved in this crime spree this, is a photo of frederick salas. police say he may be the fifth victim at the hands of efron valdmoreo. valdmorrow was killed last week following a high-speed chase in which is he believed to have strangled his girlfriend, cindy tran to death. today, police say they
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consider frederick salas missing. >> no comment on that so far. as you know l. >> as far as we're concerned he's still a missing person until we make a positive identification of the body found in the residence. mr. salas is still a missing person. >> ask now, valdmorrow is also considered a person interest of in the deaths of these two vallejo women found dead in the home he occasional shared with one of them f we can come out here live, hercules lease and fbi are out here on the scene. they discovered this body, we're told around 3:00 this afternoon. the fbi were only called into this case today for the last week or so. searchers volunteers and members of the police department have been out at a landfill searching for frederick salas every day they've been coming up empty-handed. police say they they called off that search this afternoon at 4:30. when that is related to the
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body found afternoon, they're not saying that yet. live in evening in hercules, abc 7 news. >> thank you. and there is renewed optimism tonight that after 13 months, long months, sarah shord's captivity in iran may be soon coming to an enld. shord is one of three american hiker as rested for crossing into iran in july, last year. today, the iranian government said would it mark the enld of ramadan saturday, releasing shord. her mother and mothers of the two other hikers issued a statement saying quote werk hope and pray that the reports are true and that this signals end of all three of our childrens' long, and difficult detention. >> i can't wait to see sarah and i can't wait to see them come home but goitsing to be hard to believe until you know, i'm giving them a hug and to see them. you know? back in the united states. >> until now, mahmoud ahmadinejad maintained the three americans should stand trial. the university of san francisco professor met mahmoud ahmadinejad in 2007
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doesn't think he alone made the decision to release sarah shord. >> the thing about iran it's not like mahmoud ahmadinejad or khomeni or any single figure runs things. it's a constant battle between various factions for influence. >> friends say shord's release cannot come soon enough because she's been ill, depressed, and may have breast cancer. >> a veteran employee is accused of embezzling nearly $100,000 from the golden gate bridge district. he worked as a buyer at ts san rafael bus deep yes. investigators say his scheme unraveled during a review. accountants noticed discrepancies in credit card receipt autos he had access to store cards. not like a company visa card. and he through various means purchased items and forged documents so that payments
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would be made. >> the 34-year-old brewer worked for the bridge district 11 years, they believe this scheme lasted four years, he was arrested and fired. >> in less than two weeks commuters driving on interstate 680 will have an option to bypass a congested stretch where crews tonight be giring a final push to come preet the first toll lane. abc 7 is live for us in fremont tonight. heather? >> we are on the paseo parkway. this traffic right now is headed northbound, not where the express lane is going in, but on the other side, southbound side we're told congestion is worse than it is on northbound now in the mornings and that is where the new express lane could very much come in handy. commuters stuck in congestion on southbound 680 will soon be able to go faster joining
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carpoolers two will still have a free ride. all they'll need is a fast track transrespond skbrer willingness to pay. >> if you're in one of the other lanes at 35 miles per hour you're going to be late. you can activate tags and take it out of the mylar bag. put it on the dash board, you can get into that 50 miles per hour lane for a price. >> the express lane will be separated with double white line striping. there will be only three entry points, and it will be illegal to get in or out anywhere bus those spots. these will charge fast track tag autos there are spots you're not going to be able to exit. you're going to have exit out of the express lane sooner prior to the exit you want to take. >> signs ril wail lert drivers to coming enries and exits and how much it will cost for segments. monday through friday, prices rises and call. 30 cents when non, up to $6
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for the 14 mile stretch at peak time. for now, it will be free for everyone carpool or not overnight between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. >> clearly will show what your costs will be. pointing to that sign over there where it says express lane, mission, 1.50. it would cost $1.50 on that instance. the chp will use these readers to make sure solo drivers in these express lanes have paid. >> i can guarantee new the beginning we'll be a little sympathetic to mistakes. but if you think you're going to keep doing it on a dale ease basis, chp will lose their sense of humor, you'll get a ticket. >> and that ticket price will start at $381. that is the minimum. now, i 580 eastbound will be the next to get express lanes next year, and after that,
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westbound, the year after that. if you'd like to know more about how this is going to work you can go to our web site abc 7 or links to more information. reporting live in fremont abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and still head tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 governor schwartzeneggar signs chelsea's law into the books and promises what happened to her will never happen again. >> i'm nannette miranda. the chp reports vehicle thefts are down in california last year z average of 15%. technology playing a huge role in prevention. >> also tonight, rebirth of a popular east bay bakery. the laid off workers now becoming bread winners again. >> a man accidentally puts $400 through a shredder. can he get the money back? i'm michael finney. 7
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. sex offenders will face conditions under a law signed today by the governor. the governor signed chelsea's law in san diego this morning. flanked by the family of the teen-aged girl whose murder prompted the bill. the 17-year-old chelsea king was abducted, raped and murdered in northern san diego county by a convicted sex offender. >> because of chelsea, everyone joined together to solve a serious problem in our state. because of chelsea, california's children will be safer. because of chelsea, this never has to happen again. and i hope it offers some
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comfort to you today. >> the bill calls for life sentences for sex offenders who attack children under the age of 14. the man who killed chelsea, john gardener pleaded guilty in may now serving a life sentence without possibility of parole. >> and the california patrol reporting a double digit drop in vehicle thefts the largest decrease in decades. and how advance manies are helping law enforcement efforts. >> the california patrol thinks it's remarkable vehicle thefts are down more than 15% in the last year because they think typically in a recession, that number goes up. and this is a droch he bigger, 35%. >> for us in, the residents of california those numbers have gone down. and it's because of the technology and because of the proactive efforts that. >> many saw a double digit drop. only one county, santa clara
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saw an increase in theft but only a percent and a half. >> they single most deterrent for new technology is the computer enkrifted key autos we visited a local acurea dealership. the dealership days of hot wiring are over. the newer cars won't start unless you have a computer chip in the key. some models use a sensor, something thieves won't have. >> only way to steal one of the modern day advanced cars is hook it on a tow truck and tow it away that. is too obvious and takes too long. >> the decline is good news, cars are still being stolen. one is taken away on average every three minutes in california. that is that is 88% were recovered. to help find vehicles some are equipped with cameras that scan license plates. >> this is plates are stolen.
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>> then there, is gpses that make them easier to find. >> this has gps. >> and law enforcement thinks even fewer cars will be stolen. >> the number of traffic fatalities around the country has also reached a 60 year low. about 34,000 people were killed in car accidents last year that. is down 9.7% to the lowest number since 1950. more people are buckling up, air bags and antirollover technology helped. there has been tougher enforcement of drunken driving laws. driving less these days and the number of deaths per mile is down about 10%, too. >> and the tech museum p san jose is getting ready to open a new, permanent exhibit aimed at stimulating young minds called tech silly could be valley gallery.
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it's hands on, showcasing latest in digital art, virtual travel, computer animation and nanno technology. >> i think today's public are used to seeing technology and movie buzz we want to understand how to create that content. >> one exhibit showcases google earth allowing to fly across any neighborhood you that choose. check that out. it opens on wednesday. >> great. >> that looks fun, too. flying over. >> gorgeous day out there. >> spencer is here with the forecast. stunningly beautiful and there is some is is santa cruz beach, looking so good we decided to stay there. there is our current temperature reading as long the bay area, temperatures mid to upper 70s in spots inland.
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77 antioch z fairfield. 59 here in san francisco. and 67 across the bay in oakland. 55 in half moon bay. shows virtually all locations have warmed up since this hour yesterday so 12 decks warmer now than at this time yesterday. and there is warm up is under way. swreel a chilly night tonight in north bay absence of cludz, temperatures going to plummet. fog return together coast tomorrow. and tonight in spots. mild day as head into next week. here is what's happening with the jet stream. it's shifting inland and so is the pool of cool air dom faigt our weather. that moves eastward, setting up room for this area of high pressure to move in and dominate weather for several days bringing us mainly sunny skies and mild day as head throughout the weekend. and into next week, starting our forecast animation at 7:00 fog coming back and pushing
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locally across the bay. and that is clear up in the north bay and had as mentioned earlier absence of clouds, temperatures will drop into mid-40s tonight, lows of 56 m santa rosa. and there is jant cruz a low of 49. lows into low 50s overnight tonight. tomorrow, a glorious day starting into south bay sunny skies, highs up to 77 in santa clara. and there is mid 70s on the peninsula. 75 a popular number in redwood city. low 60s on the coast. warmer than the coast has been last few days. 67 degrees downtown san francisco. and we'll see upper 70s to mid-80s tomorrow. 84 calistoga. in the 75 sass kas stro value yeechl over hills, numerous mid-80s, 85 in concord. 85 in brentwood.
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near monterey bay, mid 6s ask 74 in santa cruz. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is this warm up. highs upper 08s inland z there is low 60s on the coast. that is a range we'll have next several days. temperatures may drop off a degree or two next week but bouncing back with little variation and little to complain about, i hope. >> that is true. >> yes. yes. >> and good deal. >> okay. >> thank you. >> and new guidelines coming up for the iphone app store. >> apple draws the line on what gets approved. @t
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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones. as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power
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and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
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a rebirth for an oakland institution that recently shut down. melvin's bakery was family owned, owned by the former employees. this name changed. it's now called taste of denmark but it's in the same spot with same employees from melvin's danish bakery. a fixture in oakland for 81 years until it closed in july. >> i'm very, very happy to continue. i hope we can see the family that we used to see and i hope we bring in new people.
6:21 pm
>> kathy has been here 28 years. now, she's one of 12 former employee who's aren't just baking and selling. they have a piece of the pie. they formed a co-op, now owning a percentage of the business. for customers it's about tradition. >> i made my wedding cake in 1937. >> the old bakery was a family-owned business struggling financially. the city not give them a bailout like it did the merit bakery. the building's owner says she gave them an eviction order for unpaid rent but was willing to negotiate that. failed and she decided on the co-op idea. >> i had knew i'm going to make this business sus seg sesful. >> mark davis has been decorating cakes here 39 years and is confident this will survive. >> everybody has a vested interest in making it succeed
6:22 pm
and putting forth maximum exyort. >> customers hope the quality remains the same. >> i've been coming here fins grade, five years old. i knoll all the people who work here. the place has been good. >> official grand opening is october 11th. one new owner toll told me, today is a very good beginning. >> new in the next half hour, freeway shootout foiled an apparent assassination plot from jail tonight the suspect talks about starting a one-man revolution. >> should california suspend a landmark law on global warming? why a number of other states are poised to take us to court. >> and a bay area defense contractor found a way to speed up the developments of new medicines. stay with us.
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breaking news. this is a live picture from san bruno. you can see this ball of flames happening near sigh skyline boulevard. right there at that corner. >> people in the area described feeling an explosion and this massive ball of fire. we know there is a gas station in this area. and maybe right on that corner. and this is a three-alarm fire at this point. ramona doyle is joining us on the phone. she works in that area from what we nrgs. >> i was just at the desk in south san francisco. i heard a explosion and saw a massive amount of flames. and i don't know what caused it. now, i'm seeing flames and smoke. >> and there is just a huge amount of flames burning here you felt the ground shake?
6:27 pm
>> no. no. i didn't. i heard it. i didn't necessarily feel it. yeah. >> we appreciate it. live picture of there is a gas station we understand at that corner. we don't know if it's a gas station, but is burning like it could be. and and we know this is a very residential area. there are homes in this area. this is skyline boulevard near san bruno after avenue. and there is where we're assuming that that is in fact what has gone on. >> we're trying to get closer. and there is sky 7 moving into that direction. we're just wasting to figure out what is burning. again, we suspect there is a gas station that might be involved wech know there is one at that corner. and this has been going on
6:28 pm
probably i don't know. 15 minutes and it's the fire that is burning just continuing to burn at the same intensity. >> we'd heard there was a potential plane crash in the area. that is the type of jolt. we've not been able to confirm a plane going down. there is an explosion we believe in this area. and there is if you know that area, and clearly there was an explosion. people heard it. you just heard ramona doyle in south san francisco. she did not feel it but heard it. that gives an indication of had you loud this must have been. she's away from this scene in san bruno. so we're still waiting to hear what is bushing and should get that information for you momentarily, we hope. >> if you're in the area, you can give our newsroom a call. and we have -- we're hearing that there is houses in the
6:29 pm
area on fire now f you're in the area and can see flames, you can give our newsroom a call. >> and we'd like to hear from you as soon as we can. >> this isn't a residential area. it's a particular intersaex. sounds like there are some homes nearby on fire as well. as you've been here with us, you've seen no change in this fire. we don't know how many firefighters responded and what the attack plan s it only happened minutesing ayoi. >> you can see the smoke has just become much thicker in short time we've been on. there is sky 7 bringing us pictures dealing with these conditions as well. >> and i'll tell you, we're just staying with this. we're waiting for new information. we want to share this as it happens. and we're waiting for more information. i understand carol steeman is
6:30 pm
on the phone with us now. you're a neighbor. can you hear us? >> hello? >> hello. carol? >> yes. yes. >> hi, carol. hi. >> hi many i live in san bruno. and i don't know what is happened. i hear different stories. i can see... a huge plume of smoke coming from the hills above he. -- me. and there is houses and went offer me. sounded like a plane going down. i live in an apartment. i heard a horrible roaring noise. and i first hit the floor. then, i could still hear a horrible roaring and huge plumes of smoke. and i called a friend of mine. they said they heard there is a fire in the canyon. and there is a gas that burst, but i don't know. there is firing all over fire trucks and everything. but the roar is unbelievable.
6:31 pm
>> and are you still hearing that roar now? >> oh. yes. yes. and this is -- this is -- . >> how far are you? >> i'm probably about maybe two miles from where it is. and this is north and just up san bruno avenue. and i say closer to skyline. >> do you know is there a gas station? >> there is a gas station. yes. at the intersection of skyline and san bruno. yes. in fact, the family that owns this has been there for years. and i don't know if that is it, the smoke i'm seeing is a little bit north of that. and i'm wondering if it's not there. is a huge canyon behind houses. and... i'm not one -- wondering if the smoke snot coming from there. >> well, something is fueling this fire rather draw maticly.
6:32 pm
it's something other than that. so, yeah. unbelievable. this is just noise. >> do you hear silence? >> yes. yes. >> and sirens coming from all over from all directions. truck just went by. and there is a huge plume of smoke. and i'm looking northwest. there is a huge plume of smoke and noise tremendous. it's tremendous. it's a huge roaring. sounds like a huge water fall. the noise. >> did you feel when this happened? what time did this happen? >> this is maybe 10-15 minutes ago. ways sitting down just started reading mail. and all of a sudden i heard a roar like over my head.
6:33 pm
i thought oh my god it's a plane coming down. and normally we don't hear planes. i hit the floor. and which now seems silly. i grabbed my keys and ran outside. a woman who lives down the street a block way says there is smoke and flames coming up from the gas station. and so i don't know what is it. the noise is unbelievable. >> that is what we believe it is. there is a number of people said that that is it sounded like a roar of the fire. >> it's huge. and there is a lot of -- if it is towards a canyon there is is a lot of eucalyptus trees in that area. and this is a housing division there since 1950s called crest
6:34 pm
moore. there is a lot of dried eucalyptus trees and stuff. but this cloud is getting bigger. the roar just keeps coming. >> we can hear sirens in the background. >> yes. sirens and there is a it sounds like a wind tunnel. i called the station. i thought maybe you knew whamd. i -- what happened. i thought maybe a plane went down. we're trying to figure out if they need to evacuate or what up there. >> we're working as hartd as we can get to information. we appreciate you giving us what you have. >> it's terrifying. >> certainly. >> of course it is. >> and i hope nobody is injured or killed in this. it's a gas station. they're very nice people up there. >> we're sorry you're so startled and scared we appreciate your coming on with us. >> yes. well, thank you.
6:35 pm
>> okay. >> and again, we do know that there is tli homes on fire at this point. you're looking at flames burning near san bruno avenue. and there is a number in the area there is a housing development there in that and there is certainly, there are homes in danger now oo. and reminding you calling in if you want to send us a photo don't get close to flames, please. be careful. you report at we'd be grateful to be able to give other vantage points to show people what's happening down there f you're in that area and listening to this don't take chances and don't get too close. >> and we're now told this is a rollingwood area. >> 280 and 380, we understand
6:36 pm
you owe now just parking lots because of the smoke and everybody else. and there is thick smoke. >> and again, we're speculating a little bit. probably not wildly. there is a gas station and the one thing we can judge and doesn't take much common sense this figure out this fire sk fueled by something. and this is continuing to rage since it started about 20 minutes ago. so clearly, this, whether it's a gas station or something like that there is something fueling this fire. >> that is really visible of course from miles away. so this is probably you'll be
6:37 pm
seeing black smoke and flames just raging. >> we're trying to get some authorities on the line. we'll get you as much information as we can and that is why we're staying with this. there is another vantage point this, is the city. you can see just an enormous amount of smoke. >> this is visible from throughout the bay area. so this is a fire burning in san bruno burning out of control. >> yes. look at that. so... you can see this fire, now about 0 minutes in. maybe 25. and it's continued to burn at the same level as it did when it started. and we don't know, i'm sure all hands are on deck. many firefighters can get to the scene are there and rushing more there as we speak. to try to figure out how to deal with this. if it's gasoline involved there will be a hazmat situation as well.
6:38 pm
hazardous materials concern. >> we're just hearing from someone at the gas station at the time that this fire happened. he says this is not at that gas station. >> interesting. >> that is where he was filling up. we're trying to get him on the phone to find out a little bit more about this. but as dwanz describing, this is being fueled by something. >> yes. >> other than just brush at this point. the way it's sort of blew up so quickly and fiercely as we've heard from eye witness who's called us just the roar has been tremendous. people in the hear felt vibration of the fire oo. yeah we're going to stay with us until we can get you as much information as we can. you can see it's leaping up continually. and repeating in the air. it may be spreading to some degree. and this is almost like an oil well on fire or something that. type of fire. again, we're waiting to see
6:39 pm
what is burning here. >> this is winds west about 25 miles per hour. the winds could be a factor in terms of fanning these flames. >> it hasn't been a particularly windy day. >> no. it has not been. >> no. >> and ashley smith is on the line. ashley. are you there? >> i am here. you're at the gas station when this happened?. >> yes. across the street at the econ econolodge gas station. on san bruno avenue. i had no sooner paid for my gas. it just happened. >> what happened? what is on fire? >> my guess is that considering where the area is now after a driving away, it might have hit something in a residential area due to already-mentioned dry eucalyptus.
6:40 pm
under brush. so... it was -- san bruno gets quite warm almost year round. so something happened in that area. and this does sound like a dull airplane engine going off. and it's a big explosion. i'm -- down in the aefr in south san francisco. i can still see dark clouds. yes. >> we can see them here from san francisco. this is a huge fire. did you hear anything else? before you saw the flames? can you describe that for us again? >> flames were just -- they were big. i was well over the divider in the area. no sooner do we see the explosion than we can see a car just trying to drive up onto the island to get away from it. everyone started to run towards there.
6:41 pm
and then, the gas station had emptied out. but for me... for this is like two to three minute autos how far is this? i mean, can you give us a sense from where gas station is to where this is happen something are we talking a few hundred yards? >> it could be. i am not sure. i haven't really traveled down that way. it's not that far away. this is really close. it's going to barely you know populated area. like... like you've mentioned. so you know, they don't contain it, it's going to get worse. >> it's going to spread. >> we can -- we understand now that four structures have caught fire. >> oh, wow. four. >> okay. >> with any luck, we'll be confined to that. >> thank you very much. ashley smith. we appreciate you coming on. he was across the street when this happened. >> now there is nancy on the phone. nancy, where are you calling from? can you tell us what you saw? >> i'm calling from home. i wasn't there.
6:42 pm
i was at home. and i was just sitting relaxing and unwinding from work. all of a sudden there is a big jolt like an earthquake z then, a sound like planes were overhead but they were close. and i saw and looked out of the window and i saw these big plumes of brown smoke. now, i'm looking at the window and getting bigger and darker. >> are you also in san bruno? >> i am on whitman way above shelter creek. yes. i am. >> how far would you say that is from flames? >> where, oh, let's see. i'm over. >> a couple miles? >> probably... not that. probably maybe a mile a mile at least? not more than a mile and a half. >> okay. >> and so... when you first, when this first happened, you heard a sound? >> and everything rattled. >> everything. your house shook? >> i'm in an apartment. the building shook. >> interesting. okay. >> and definitely did you hear a sound of explosion?
6:43 pm
>> it's -- well, it's sounded yeah. kind of like an earthquake. like, you know the big bang. and then... you know, like this hum. like an airplane going over head that. kind of noise and rumbling. and this is like, scary. and i looked and saw -- looked and looked to think it's towards san bruno avenue. and there is all of this smoke. i thought well, maybe my sense of direction is bad. i thought something was on the hot freeway. i listened in news reports. >> and there is you can see the smoke just pouring off the fire on the direction of 280 and 380 freeway. just gridlocked now. and this is stopped because of the smoke and flames. >> yes. >> early video...
6:44 pm
>> and off the freeway. >> yes. hang on. >> and does it seem to be windy or gusty there sf. >> there is some wind. sometimes, it felt like maybe i thought it was a strong wind. >> yes. because earlier video showed smoke lifting up into the air. adds if there are no wind. >> this is windy. you can see smoke being blown into a direction. so... we have reports winds are around 20 miles per hour or so. >> yes. >> that is a forecastor to consider. >> yes. trees are moving now. >> and spencer those are gusts of 20 miles per hour? >> we had report of city winds at about 20 miles per hour with slightly stronger gusts that. pointed out, we don't have what we consider classic fire weather and there is wind that could be a factor. it could spread the fire. >> sure this, fire is going to be generating winds. it's causing a lot of problems there on the ground in addition. >> thank you for coming on.
6:45 pm
>> you're welcome. >> that is unserving and thank you very much. and boy, again there is smoke now looks darker. >> four structures are burning now. possibly more, we're working to get more information on that. and certainly, all hands n on deck fighting this fire. resources are pouring in from all over to handle this. >> it's now a six-alarm fire meaning there are a number of calls gone out for as many and as much assistance as possible. there is a big challenge like this is that they're not going to be able to to get too close right away. and they're going to want to assess if there is a chance of additional explosion. they're going to have to proceed a little bit cautiously coming up with a strategy to get a handle on this. >> hopefully this will be something we can get some air coverage, air tanker coverage
6:46 pm
over to try to do drops here in the area this, is often an area we deal with a lot of fog or thick clouds coming in from across the ridge there. >> it's been clear. this afternoon, and near the coast. so... that shouldn't be a problem. with this volume of smoke being generate that had could lower visibility. and we have no reports of any anyone in an airplane going down. >> and that could be a number of things. there is no reports that have. we don't know. there is a fellow, ashley smith at the gas station across the street. we thought maybe it's the gas station. he said no. waits not. and this is any indication of how serious it is, well we're having a hard time getting any fire department in the area on the telephone. they're that busy. so clearly, they had their hands full. >> sure. >> it's tough to get close. >> sure. it's hard to kind of tease out what you're hearing in a case of an explosion.
6:47 pm
sounds you're hearing from that might sound like an airplane. when it's a gas exploding. whatever it is. >> you're right. experience has an with television and movies. it's difficult to know what you're hearing. >> this is still being fueled. you can see there is no sign of this letting up right now. >> doesn't change. >> no. it hasn't and this is an increed kredible amount of flames in the sky now. >> with intensity of the flames, it was almost suggest that something gas like is fueling this fire. >> we heard reports that could be an underground gas line. we just don't know. but obviously, something is fueling this fire. this is not just something
6:48 pm
burning it's burning on its own. >> there is a large development, rollingwood area of san bruno. another callor described this as crestmore development. and again werk know four structures are involved now. >> another thing we can tell you is that if you have relatives or family and friends driving in that area this is stand still traffic. you can understand y look for alternate roouts if you can. >> if you have pictures to share or video of this, you can do so at you report at >> and thank you, dan. >> and you can also both e mail and up load.
6:49 pm
so you can do that if you have video. it's often easier. instructions are there for you too, on our web site. >> we'll leave that up for just a moment. going back now to this raging inferno in san bruno. there is has been going on since about 6:30. -- 15. maybe 35 minutes or so. and there naz not seen one change. >> and just getting confirmation from faa they do not believe this was an air plen that went down. so we're getting word there was not a plane that went down from this faa is what we're egg being old. >> okay. urlene is on the phone with us. arlene, tell us, what you were able to see and where you are.
6:50 pm
>> i was driving along skyline boulevard. there is a interchange, church of the highlands sits at the top of the hill. i'm coming down skyline boulevard heading south, i looked up and there is huge plumes of flames above the skyline and tree line. and there is flames were 20, 20 feet above that and so i turned on and if you go two blocks there is one of san bruno fire department. i was like i'm going make sure this, did happen quickly. and so i didn't see any crash
6:51 pm
or hear any explosion. fire is definitely in that little district they call like rollingwood. it's bordered by skyline boulevard z snead lane. and flames were high i with say i didn't want to stop because it was an emergency. and td fire department was rolling out. neighbors were out and didn't want to make more damage you know traffic jams but it's very large. and i would say frlt side, width of the flames four houses. and it's seemed to be about three blocks behind where our -- fire house is on claire mond drive. whether in the canyon or one of those residential streets
6:52 pm
right there. it's, you know that, i couldn't say. it's -- it's looking like waits right in the and where houses are. >> and this is in that residential area we're seeing and we believe there is a number of homes now involved here in this area. >> no question. we've heard four but there may be more now. this has sprod splaed to homes in the neighborhood. we can see that and hear that. >> it was not -- it was neither of the gas stations and gas stations are fine. >> good to know, okay. >> and that is some speculation. but... arlene, thank you very much. arlene on the phone, thanks for joining us. >> and another comment is that winds are high. >> yes and there is spencer talking about that. thank you very much. >> you bet. >> again, with respect to this perhaps being an airplane sfo,
6:53 pm
tower there at the airport and faa are saying there is no reports of any planes going down. and you noi, were a plane to be taking off from a different area, perhaps, small blaen. we just don't know that for sure. >> right. we don't z so then what? you know? clearly, you can hold some sort of a plane or something like that and again there is faa says that is not the case. and this won't continue to burn like this. so then what? well, maybe underground gas line? something that have nature is fueling this and what might have caused that? we don't know. we can say something must be fueling this type of fire. >> if you're in athis area you're told to shelter in in
6:54 pm
place. and. >> and nearby what is nearly bi? immediate vicinity if there is smoke if there is smoke, stay indoors. now, and this is many buildings. many homes appear burning now meaning this could go on for hours and hours. you know? firefighters first want to stop this spread of the flames and course of the fire, they're going to have their hands full. there are a number of structures burning. >> yes. and there is people evacuating because this is a massive fire here. >> terrible. just do not know yet. we wish we did, what caused it z cars are burning in the street. homes are burning.
6:55 pm
and again, early speculation it was a gas station on fire is not correct. this that maybe a plane went down, faa and sfo officials say they do not believe there is an indication a plane went down. >> we're looking likely at perhaps a gas line. and don't know. you can see flames are not easing up. and just enormous amounts of black smoke. >> it's complicating things for motorists and for firefighters as well. >> as this spreads, you know, it's obvious if it's spread to a number of homes now. firefighters will need every available truck and fire fighter they can get their hands on. there is an enormous job. >> local departments will have to assist with this. >> homes are burning are
6:56 pm
spread across two or three blocks. and so this is not just a few homes that are up in flames now. there are half a dozen if not more. >> and this is a terrible situation tonight. rollingwood area. looking live right along near skyline boulevard. highways 280, 380 in that area. just gridlocked traffic in a stand still. we heard as you can understand because of this smoke going with this catastrophe. one of the things we know nothing about at this point is that you have to fear the worst in something this large we don't know about injuries or worse. and there is a a number of homes caught fire this, thing is raging out of control and spreading.
6:57 pm
we mom are able to get way. >> worth reminding people you may not be in the immediate danger from fire to protect themselves from smoke. it's a hazard. >> there is a shelter in place order. close windows and doors, stay inside. >> we're seeing flames that you're seeing here there is 30-50 feet in the air, still. >> one woman we spoke with who is driving along may have been arlene or nancy. i can't remember which one of our witnesses told us. she said you know trees are high. and some eucalyptus trees are high and she saw flames leaping above free tops. >> we're still trying to get in touch with fire officials in the area there. is just a massive respond now. and that is where they'll fill
6:58 pm
us in. >> we have as many people as we can get in this air. and we're going to have more for you. goitsing to go on for a fire. >> now, they're going to have another problem that is it's spreading beyond this one spot. to other houses and structures. they're going to try to prevent it from spreading to more. so they have to turn attention away from the source of the fire. >> if you're planning to drive tonight, you need to avoid this area 280 and 380 on 280 and skyline boulevard. this whole area is just really no place you want to be in a car this evening. >> we have a retired fire fighter joining us on the line. he didn't want to give his name. it's fine with us. sir, tell us, i assume this is
6:59 pm
a sir. i don't know. tell us what you can about what you would imagine given pictures you're see something. >> yes. the caveat is that i'm watching your broadcast on television. i'm not at the scene. but having had some experience in flammable liquid and flammable gas fires, it appears from your coverage that this would be fueled by some type of pressurized gas whether natural gas or propane. you see a lot of smoke coming off. that smoke is probably, again, probably, from exposure that's have been caught on fire from this fireball, one of the reasons these are challenging is because if you do have natural gas that is on fire and you put it out without stopping or controlling the flow of the gas, what do you do with these explosives?

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